7 July 2016
Apex Visual Arts Graduation Show 2016
We are dedicated to promote whole person development. Tremendous efforts have been put to nurture students in a balance way in both academic and aesthetic aspects through providing various platforms. In order to recognise our students’ talents and achievements in Visual Arts, the School specially organise the 4th Graduation Show for the G12 graduates.

The exhibition was held from 23 to 27 June 2016 at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, and it was planned and organised by 10 Visual Arts students. The theme was “Cloning”, which represented the inheritance of the dedication and passion towards arts from their seniors in the same stream and their continuous production in more high quality artworks. Apart from the portfolios display of students’ art pieces for HKDSE, it is so honoured that the Guest Artist, Ms. Wong Suk Ki joined the event and display the artworks in the exhibition. On the last day of the show, a simple yet solemn closing ceremony was held so as to let participating students to share their experience and feelings as well as to present Tunny Prize* to the best artist in the show. In the ceremony, students thanked all Visual Arts teachers for their efforts and mentoring. They were also glad that some artists visited the exhibition and gave them positive feedback, and felt so encouraging as the highest number of visitors per day hit 180 heads. This year, the Tunny Prize went to Cheung King Ting and Tjota Johnson, who will study at School of Art Institute of Chicago and Central Saint Martins respectively after the summer holidays. They thanked the School for giving them adequate room with good resources for creating art pieces and they could fully present their thoughts and emotions.

Remarks: * “Tunny Prize” is awarded to the best student artist selected by Visual Arts Teachers and G12 Visual Arts Students.