14 April 2016
Science Talk by Dr. Wing Lau: “From Star War to Black Hole War”
We are so honoured that Dr. Wing Lau, Chief Engineer of Department of Physics and College Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, gave a science talk to the students on the school campus last week. Devoting himself to the research of various science topics including nuclear physics and maths, he was awarded for numerous academic and professional qualifications such as the PhD in Aeronautics and always works closely with physicists and engineers to investigate relevant science issues. Meanwhile, he has participated in the study of the “God Particle” conducted by CERN in Switzerland, and now he is taking part in the design research of Generation IV reactors.

This time, the theme of his talk was “From Star War to Black Hole War”. Dr. Lau began with several important concepts in understanding our universe, and then explained the birth of a black hole and what gravity wave was. He also shared some important scientific theories and experiments regarding this topic in an interesting way.

One of the participating students, Michael Kwok from G10, was interested in the genre of astrophysics and was delighted to learn that Dr. Lau held a talk regarding black holes. He found the talk intriguing, as difficult knowledge and complex concepts were described and presented in a vivid method. It truly raises his fascination and interest to an entirely new level. Another G10 student Thomas Lo reflected that the lecture strengthened his knowledge on space-time concept in relativity. He found Dr. Lau patient and enthusiastic on teaching and was glad to have the opportunity to discuss Physics with Dr. Lau after the talk. As an amateur of science, he looked forward to having more chances to widen his horizon.

We are always dedicated to providing various platforms and ample opportunities for students so that they are able to be well developed in different areas. It is believed that education should be exciting and enriching while can be conducted in diversified forms. The School will continuously offer a quality teaching and learning environment, paving the way for producing future talents.