14 April 2016
Science Week (March 14 – 18, 2016)
Science Week 2016 was kicked-off with Chemistry Day. Our chemistry students prepared a demonstration to address some basic scientific knowledge and applications of liquid nitrogen. On the other hand, our chemistry teacher, Mr. Law Chi Wang, explained the conditions of dust explosion by demonstrating it with flour and a can to raise the awareness of the potential dangers of flammable products at home.

More fun activities were found in Biology Day. Students and teachers could examine paramecium, ferns, beetles and mealworms under microscopes, while biology teachers dissected a cuttlefish, a cutlassfish and a turbot in the dissection corner. Students found the activities interesting, no matter whether they study biology or not.

Apart from the above activities, Dr. Lee Man Hoi, Associate Professor of Departments of Earth Sciences and Physics, the University of Hong Kong was invited to give a talk themed “Are We Alone: The Search for Planets around Other Stars”. He gave a brief idea of our universe and introduced different methods used by the scientists in searching “earth-like” planets in the outer space. We also prepared 6 interactive booths for the students. All participating students were highly engaged. Most of them tried out all the games after learning the theories behind and enjoyed the activity very much.

The Inter-chamber Science Quiz was another thrilling event which allows students to demonstrate their talent in science. The questions were more challenging than those of last year and the competition was keen. Finally, Chamber Einstein outcompeted the others and became the winner, and it marked the end of the Science Week.