Other Learning Experiences

Other Learning Experiences --The OLE lessons provide opportunities for our students to develop their interests and extend their potential in a wide range of activities. Such involvement helps students develop a sense of belonging to the school and allows them to develop skills in addition to academic knowledge.

OLE Courses (during the school hours)

The OLE lessons run within the regular lesson time with both term-based courses and year-based courses. Courses will be assigned to G1-2 randomly to ensure they can experience all domains. G3-6 students may choose their electives according to their interest or join school teams with teacher's recommendation. We greatly encourage our students to fully commit themselves to all their chosen courses. With our mission in nurturing holistic development, students are encouraged to choose at least one course in each of the following domains throughout the school year.

Domain OLE Courses Offered during the School Hours
English Language Board Game, Drama, Battle of the Books, Readers’ Theatre, Young Writer Awards, Advanced Readers, Rhymes & Tunes, Communication Games, Choral Speaking, Poetry Club, Story Club, Multiple Intelligences, Literature Pockets, Grammar Tales, etc.
中國語文 集誦, 新聞小主播, 小小朗誦家, 中國民間小玩意, 趣味讀寫, 創意寫作, 高階思維寫作, 語文萬花筒, 兒童文學, 趣味戲劇, 趣看語文, 世界之窗, 神州大地任我行
Mathematical- logical Math: Card Games & Probability, Math Fun Games, Measure with Fun, Math and Logic, Origami & Math, Math Trail, Mathematical Journey, Mathematics Olympiad, Mind Challenging Games, etc.

Science: Gardening, Green Workshop, Green Ambassador, Discover Energy and Matter in Daily Life, Astronomy, Exploring Science, Bridge, Living Science and Animals, etc.

ICL: Coding for kids, Programming Blocks, Robotics Workshop, Animation Production, Game Production, etc.
Aesthetics Music: Choir, Creative Percussion, Recorder Ensemble, Handbell, Singing Game, Making Music, Double Bass, Lower String Ensemble, Music Games, etc.

Visual Arts: Crafts For Fun, Recycled Art, Advanced Chinese Painting, Creative Collage, Western Calligraphy, Paint with Poster Color, Sewing Fun, Paint with Watercolor, etc.
Sports Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Fencing, Fun Sports Games, Rope-skipping, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Oriental Dance, Sports Climbing Training, Zone Games, Mountaineering, Martial Arts, etc.
Others 人民素質: 時事追擊, 時事面面觀, 中國歷史名人趣談, 小紅星獎勵計劃

Student Development: Life Education , Social Service Group, 社交小達人, 讀心小神探

Religion: Following Jesus, Praise and Sing for the Lord, Bible Story, etc.

School Teams and Interest Courses

School Teams and Interest Courses run from Monday to Saturday. They provide opportunities for students to develop their intelligences in various areas. Examples of teams and courses offered:

School Teams

1. Service Groups
Prefects, Student Council, Reading Ambassadors, IT Ambassadors, PE Ambassadors, Green Ambassadors and Social Service Group

2. Uniform Groups
Boys’ Brigade, Cub Scouts, Grasshopper Scouts

3.  Academic
Mathematics Olympiad, English Choral Speaking, Chinese Choral Speaking

4. Sports and Aesthetics
Athletics, Badminton, Soccer, Fencing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Rope Skipping, Chinese Dance, Visual Arts, Choir, Chinese Drum, Wind Band, Handbell, Recorder Ensemble, String Ensemble, Orchestra, Robotics, Musical, etc.

Soccer Team vs Teachers

Chinese Dance Team
Cub Scout

Interest Courses
Badminton, Swimming, Taekwondo, Trampoline, Wushu, Fencing, Robotics, Little Scientists, Orff Percussion, Guzheng, String and Wind Instruments, etc.

Overseas Excursions
The Excursion Week is aligned with our school’s vision of developing students into global citizens and world leaders who are compassionate to serve with a deep national pride within their hearts. It is a very carefully constructed programme that prepares and presents students with challenges, relevant learning and tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

In 2016-17, the following trips were organised for our students:



G4 Foshan: Chinese Culture and Arts To learn various traditional arts, handicrafts and martial arts so as to gain better understanding of different cultures in China
G4 Taiwan: Taiwanese Culture and Environmental Protection To experience local Taiwan culture, and how people practise environmental protection in daily life
G5 Xiamen: Explore Fujian Culture and Architecture To explore East meets West Culture and Tolou architecture
G5 Beijing: Chinese History, Arts and Language To observe historical sites, traditional and modern arts, and experience authentic Putonghua
G5 Osaka: Technology Impact on Human Life To study how people develop high technology, disaster prevention and environmental protection
G6 Xian: Ancient Heritage and Archeology To explore ancient heritage of Chinese dynasties and experience archeology
G6 Singapore: Multiculturalism, City Development and Science To explore the multicultural lifestyle, city and science development in Singapore
G6 Australian Culture and English Language To participate in an intensive English Programme at Fraser Coast Anglican College with homestay experience
G4-6 Siem Reap, Cambodia: Historic Heritage, Architecture and Service Learning To explore world-class historic heritage, and to serve local schools and villagers in a less developed area
G4-6 Melaka, Malaysia: Service and Culture Exploring To serve in rural areas, visit schools and orphanages, as well as explore the tradition Malaysian Culture

Local Excursions
Subject-related field trip opportunities will be provided to students in order to enhance their learning. We expect our students to acquire knowledge outside the classroom and apply such knowledge in future school work and projects, especially during the Term of Project-based Learning (Term P).

Day Camps / Overnight Camps
G1 will attend a 2-day day camp. In addition to outdoor education, students are also trained to love our environment, learn how to cooperation with others and problem solving skills.

G2-3 students will attend a 2-day overnight camp. In the camp, they will participate in various outdoor activities with the objectives to develop independence and team spirit.

While most G4 – G6 students will join the overseas excursions, those who stay in Hong Kong are offered a local 3-day overnight camp as an alternative. In the camp, the students will participate in adventure activities which aim to build team spirit, develop independence and leadership skills.

G6 students will also join a 5-day Outward Bound Programme. Through the adventure activities, the students will continue to develop team spirit, independence and leadership skills. They are also expected to complete various challenging problem-solving tasks at the camp.

Other Events

Watoto Concert

The Watoto Children’s Choir returned to A-School to share its new production "Oh What Love"! A-School had the honor of holding two concerts in a day for Watoto this year. It was such a joy to see A-School students sing and dance with Watoto kids, and the hall was filled with laughter, applause and stamping feet.

Exchange Programme with German School

German students from Stormarnschule Ahrensburg visited our school and attended various lessons with their A-School buddies in November. They learnt Chinese Drum and delivered a very impressive performance to us too. The German children experienced homestay with our A-School families, and the youngsters broke through cultural differences so naturally. They enjoyed their time being together and had fun visiting Ocean Park, the Peak, History Museum and Kowloon Public Pier.