Student Development

We believe that …

 “Every student is unique and has the potential to succeed.”

Student wellness develops when a student has an all-rounded development of physical, mental, and social well-being. With the twelve-year through-train education, students are provided with comprehensive and structured courses, guidance and experiential programmes, and other learning experiences according to their developmental needs. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to explore their personal strengths and develop their full potentials. Students develop a positive self-image, good interpersonal relationships, confidence and global vision to face the challenges of the ever-changing world and make contribution to society as global citizens.


  • To help students develop positive values and attitudes towards life
  • To enable students to explore and develop their full potential
  • To help students identify their meaning of life and life goals
  • To equip students with essential life and social skills
  • To foster students to care the needs of other people, the community and nations

Keys to Success: Ethics, Confidence, Commitment, Excellence