Junior School (G1-4) Music Ensemble

Aesthetic development plays a key role in A-School to foster students' personal development.  In the music ensemble lesson, students learn to play a musical instrument in a group setting and to appreciate ensemble music. They will get an opportunity to apply music theories and enrich their musical knowledge in the ensemble class.

Through the ensemble lesson, students develop a passion for music as well as creativity and cooperation by learning a musical instrument with their buddies.  Students get feedback during lesson time so they can set their goals.  They are also given an effort grade at the end of the year to reflect their learning attitude and participation during the lesson. When adequate effort is put in, learning is ensured.

We hope the music ensemble lesson can be an engaging and exhilarating experience for all our Junior School students.

Ensemble Class Arrangement

During the weekly ensemble lesson, each class is split into 3 groups and students participate in small group (10-12 students) ensemble playing according to their assigned group.

There are three ensemble groups – Winds, Strings and Piano





*French Horn

*Double Bass


For Winds and Strings groups, students need to have their own instrument and bring it to school when they are having an ensemble lesson.

Students will use the piano/keyboard in school during the ensemble lesson.

Ensemble Class Assignment

Students indicate their ensemble group preferences when they first join HKBUAS  

Teachers assign the ensemble group

Students continue to learn the same musical instrument in the next academic year.


We provide different opportunities for students to showcase their talents and play music together at school. It helps them develop their confidence and gain appreciation from their peers.