Music is an important medium for expression and communication. Through active participation in listening, performing and creating, students apply musical knowledge and skills. They exercise creativity, imagination, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking skills to express their feelings for music. This meaningful learning process and the music experience will develop students confidence, generic skills and positive values and attitudes.

In music, students will
  • Develop music ideas and acquire creating skills, together with performing and listening, cultivate creativity and imagination
  • Develop performing skills to experience and express music
  • Comprehend, respond to and appraise music so as to nurture aesthetic sensitivity and awareness
  • Understand the functions of music and the relationship between music and emotions
Junior and Senior Choir performance in 2018 Winter Concert “Voyage of Music”.
School Orchestra performance in 2018 Winter Concert “Voyage of Music”.
Harp duet performance by our students in 2018 Winter Concert “Voyage of Music”.
180201@ 2018 Winter Concert at St John’s Cathedral
Concert Choir performance in The Variety show, performed at the Y-Theatre.
Concert Choir at the 14th International Choir Competition in Austria. Our choristers enjoyed the stage so much!
The Concert Choir won the Gold Award in the category of Children’s Choirs.
Our choir member had a lot of fun in the excursions and meeting new friends in Austria, we sang in Salzburg Cathedral.
Concert choir performance in the friendship concert in Bad Ischl, in Austria.
The Junior Choir participated in the 70th Music Festival.
The Junior Choir obtained very good results in the 70th Music Festival.
The Junior Choir received The Best Primary School Junior Choir in the New Territories Regions Award.
The Senior Choir actively participated in the 70th Music Festival.
And the Senior Choir got into the Primary School Choir Finals of the New Territories Regions.