Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts curriculum is intended to help students develop their creativity, as well as the ability to communicate their understanding of the world around them through Visual Arts. In learning to express themselves in visual ways, students will sharpen their powers of observation, imagination and invention. In developing the ability to respond to, analyze, and describe works of art, they will learn to interpret artworks and to communicate their understanding of the meaning and intentions they see in the works presented by visual languages and visual forms. The development of visual literacy skills and knowledge will therefore prepare students to investigate and understand images, media and artworks, and will equip them to interpret the complex contemporary visual world.

Book Character Alive Project with STEAM team

School Decoration by Visual Arts Team

The Visual Arts curriculum is rooted in the experience of art making. It provides ways of describing, exploring, responding, and expressing ideas, experiences and feelings. Throught the art making process, students need to acquire a range of skills and some specific knowledge. It is essential for students to be engaged in meaningful, open-ended art making activities that enable them to express personal feelings, experiences, and ideas and develop the skills to use art tools, materials and techniques that are appropriate for the grade. Moreover, students develop their artistic potential and values and establish global and diversified views towards the world and a variety of cultures. Students development in Visual Arts contributes to their whole-person development.

Artist of the Month

Year-end Visual Arts Exhibition

Middle School Exhibition

Students were visiting mobile exhibitions at M+ Travelling Creative Studio & Museum of Art on Wheel

Students were visiting Trick Eye Museum during Arts Festival

In Visual Arts, students will
  • develop perceptual abilities with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience
  • express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations
  • develop visual cognition and generic skills (creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, information technology and self-management skills) through artistic creation, appreciation and criticism

Selected students participated in “Jockey Club Student Drawing Competition, HK Flower Show”

Students exhibited their works at Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work by Education Bureau

Students got Senior and Junior Champions at Faber-Castell 1ST Charity Painting Competition

Art making with group mates during Arts Festival

Artist-in-residence Program - Dyeing Art Workshop

Artist-in-Residence Program - Ceramic Workshop

Artist-in-Residence Program - Animation workshop

Artist-in-Residence Program – Fashion Design Workshop & Catwalk Show

Artist-in-Residence Program – Artist Workshop

Mural Painting of Grade 6 Promotion Project

Mural Painting of G6 Promotion Project