Our Mathematics curriculum aims to develop students’ interest, understanding and acquisition of mathematical concepts and computational skills. Students learn mathematics in an engaging environment where they actively explore and experiment through discussions when they work on mathematical activities. Through real-life and hands-on experience, observation and discussion, our maths programme facilitates student learning in mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills in a stimulating environment. Students are guided to:
  • Develop logical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Acquire mathematical concepts through hands-on activities
  • Learn to ask insightful questions and share the process of solving problems
  • Apply creative thinking and communication skills

We believe that students will master abstract maths concepts better through real-life and hands-on experience, observation and discussion.

Math Month

Students take part in constructing game booth activities.

Students display their creativity by making interesting Math board games.

Students are encouraged to learn through inter-class competitions.

Math Inter-house competitions



Manipulatives for learning

Discovering Pi using cubes

Solving volume related problem using hand-on materials

Let's work together!

Making quadrilaterals according to different properties

Solving challenging area questions with classmates

Sorting different 3D shapes

Let's think more!

Exploring different nets of cube


That's Creativity!

Making beautiful pictures with circles

IT in math

Solving math problems through the use of iPads.