Message from Headmaster (Primary School)

Mr. Lam Hak Chung Patrick
Headmaster (Primary School)

A very warm welcome to A-School. It is my greatest honour to join the big family this year after my 25 years of services in the field.

Viewing the everlasting changing world and increasing connectedness in the 21st Century, curriculum evolution to meet the learners’ diverse needs and the upholding of positive values are crucial. A-School aims to nurture young people with reading habits and language competences, inquiry minds and positive outlook of life so that life-long and autonomous learning capabilities, independent and critical thinking skills, collaborative abilities, international mindedness, creative problem-solving capabilities and tri-literacy competences (literacy in English, Chinese and Information Technology) can be developed in order to meet their future challenges. In order to realise these ultimate goals, the orchestration of students’ capacity development, school internal and lateral capacities enhancement and strong service orientation is important.

Students’ capacity enhancement is revealed in the development of a broad and balanced curriculum. Curriculum, broadly defined as the collection of students’ learning experiences, is mapped precisely for its depth and breadth across all year levels and key learning areas. It is unique in our primary section where a spectrum of OLEs and well-articulated Integrated Science and Liberal Arts curriculum are in place, along with the prominent development of literacy and numeracy since its establishment. This year, a new STEM lesson (integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is added in the regular curriculum across Grades 1 to 6. It is our sincere hope that students’ potentials and diversity are well addressed in order to equip them to meet their future needs. Moreover, positive education and class culture building will be advocated with the joint efforts of our caring and passionate teachers and parents. A-School will manifest a culture of ethics, engagement and excellence. To this end, school is a milieu full of stimulation and encouragement in which all students can unleash their full potentials and celebrate their success.

A-School recognises school internal capacity enhancement as the backbone of student learning and development. Our school comprehends the unique benefit of the through-train model with a few initiatives this new school year. First, the timetable of the Primary School has been adjusted so that four morning lessons of Primary and Secondary Schools overlap. With flexible teacher deployment across upper primary and junior secondary sections and careful planning, we believe that appropriate group and individual curriculum adaptation, including acceleration and enrichment, will be further enhanced. Our School will continue to attain the full support of HKBU in terms of advice and guidance for curriculum development and pastoral care. Continuing professional development in alignment with school development will be further facilitated. Furthermore, we treasure parents as our partners. All parents are cordially invited to our new and comprehensive parent education programme which will be announced soon. In sum, synergy amongst the stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students, and members of the community and the school sponsoring body creates a vivid learning community in which Christian values are embraced while Chinese and Western cultures are valued for nurturing the new and contributive Chinese generation of the 21st Century.

Lateral capacity enhancement is the development of connectedness of A-School with our Country, HKSAR government and external bodies for school’s sustainable development, which primarily aims at facilitating student learning. The abovementioned new STEM development and our Information & Computer Literacy programme are further enhanced, particularly in coding education, in accordance with an enormous amount of additional funding of The Hong Kong Jockey Club and relevant professional development from experts of MIT and associated institutions. Overseas connectivity is valuable for developing students’ global perspective and citizenship. Borderless and boundaryless learning are facilitated for the school members.

Strong service orientation applies to both students and teachers. Practice and peer tutoring are regarded as the most effective modes of learning in the learning pyramid. All students are engaged in collaborative learning and support measures within school. They are also encouraged to reach out for community services. Social awareness, positive psychology, compassion as well as responsible national and global citizenship are nurtured. Likewise, our teachers, as passionate reflective practitioners, are encouraged to reflect on their practices and share in the field.

To wind up, school is a place for the growth of all stakeholders. Internally, it is a breeding ground that adapts to changes efficiently and sheds light on students. Every school member finds his/ her purpose-driven life in Him. Externally, school is a base of research and development, contributing to the education sector and the world.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. (Palsm 126:5)

The tears of students, parents and teachers are never for fear and worries, but for the passion of dedication and efforts. It is the joint energies that let our students flourish and love their lives.

Look forward to the sharing of the progress of the Primary School in even months.