Message from Chief Principal

Dr. Benjamin Chan Wai Kai
Chief Principal

The success of a school lies on a group of devoted teachers who act as the navigator of students, guiding them to establish positive attitudes, instil right values and broaden the knowledge base in pursuit of dreams.

A-School is proud to have a team of passionate teaching staff.  They are professional as well as energetic.  They build up a close and an interactive relationship with students, just like mentors and companions, and thus creating a happy school life to nurture students to accept challenges and embrace local identity with global perspective.

As the first university affiliated and a through-train direct subsidy scheme school, A-School receives the appropriate learning and teaching support from our sponsoring body, the Hong Kong Baptist University in one hand, and is empowered by the authority to use the resources in a more flexible way in other, and therefore allow us to design the curriculum and put the resource to cater for the development of the future generation.  Except Chinese related subjects, English is adopted as the medium of instruction.   We are dedicated to striving for excellence.  We think outside the box and break the rules to establish our unique culture.  We take care of the individual ability and needs of students, teach them mutual respect and independent thinking, as well as assisting them in mapping out their career and life plans. We place high emphasis on whole-person development. Apart from the general academic aspect, nurturing students’ capacities of science & technology, humanities, literature, aesthetic and sports places equal importance.  Various platforms and ample opportunities are provided for students to explore their potentials.

Our efforts in the past 10 years bore fruits.  As at to date, we have nurtured about 500 graduates in five batches.  The overall further study rate reached 98%, in which the number of graduates studying in local and overseas tertiary institutions achieved over 60% and 40% respectively.  More than 70% of graduates are admitted to undergraduate programmes each year. We are pleased to see that all graduates demonstrate the school’s spirit of striving for excellence in pursuit of knowledge of higher level.  Some continue their study in local higher education institutions, and some others in overseas colleges in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA, China, etc., among which many of them are on the list of top 100 QS ranking.

Entering into the second decade, A-School will be committed to reviewing and fine-tuning the curriculum to suit the development of our students.  The middle school concept will be applied so as to lay a good foundation in junior secondary grades to enable students better understand their aptitudes and aspirations and plan for their further studies. We offer multi study pathways. Not only can students select the DSE stream, but also the GCE A-level curriculum. We are the authorised Cambridge Associate School in the territory.  The accreditation is a quality assurance of our curriculum planning and implementation, as well as a full support from the Cambridge International Examinations, thus facilitating us to provide better support to students for their overseas study.

International perspective is an indispensable quality of the future generation. A-School has well established an exchange network with 16 partner/sister schools from all over the world, through which a wide variety of exchange programmes and excursion activities are offered to broaden the horizon of our students. The programmes, ranging from one week to half a year, allow the students to attend academic and non-academic classes at overseas schools with a view to getting an overall idea of the education system of other countries, making new friends, as well as exploring the custom and culture of different countries.  

All along, A-School is dedicated to creating a unique learning environment for further flourishing the potentials of our students. After two-year of construction, the Madam Wong Liu Wai Ming Building has been fully come into operation.  The building accommodates various facilities to support students’ versatile learning activities, including the indoor gymnasium for different kinds of sports activities, a visual arts gallery for lesson and exhibition, a studio theatre which could be turned into a lecture theatre and venue for music and theatre performance, small classrooms and outdoor basketball court. 

We would like to witness the youth achieve more and farther in the way of pursuing their dreams. We believe our dreams will come true.