22 October 2018

Excel 33P “Seeing with our Hearts”– Primary Division

The leadership training programme Excel 33P launched a video shooting scheme “Seeing with our Hearts” this year to train students to appreciate and understand the efforts of others.

Under the initiative, students are tasked to produce a series of micro-films on the good people,
good deeds found around the school. Through their lens and cameras, parts overpassed in their campus life has the chance of unveiling, which could be full of positive energy and worth to tell how their vibrant school life is supported by many hidden heroes behind the scene to guard and guide them all the way growing up.

The scheme is honoured to have invited Mr. Jevons Au (歐文傑), winner of the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director, as the special guest in the opening event and shared with all our students and teachers.  Drawing on the experience of his latest production "Distinction” (非同凡響) based on a true story which depicts how the children with disabilities pursue their dreams as an example, Mr. Au shared with the attendees his story-telling and shooting skills.  Our young movie makers were drawn to Mr. Au’s friendliness.  Excel 33P current and alumni members stayed behind after the sharing for a more in-depth discussion.

Excel 33P is one of the School’s training programmes specializing in enhancing students’ leadership skills and essential qualities. The programme offers activities of various domains namely Iron Excel, Intellectual Excel and Envoy and Service Excel. Each domain provides training of physical fitness, social experience and community engagement to equip students with necessary skills and develop mental strength for future challenges.

We hope that students can appreciate and understand the unspoken efforts of others, and that they can develop the concept of gratitude known in positive psychology, fitting in with this year’s school theme – “Flourish with Passion and Compassion.”