26 January 2017
Performance by Qing Hai Art Performing Group (青海熱夢科巴藝術團)

We are so honoured that Qing Hai Art Performing Group visited us and gave a marvellous performance in the campus during their 1-day stay in Hong Kong. It is really a valuable chance to meet the group who lives in the 3600-feet mountain of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

The group brought us various kinds of performance, including their master piece “The God Mountain in Our Heart(心中的神山)” which was performed in the 2016 Beijing International Cultural and Arts Exchange Week. Apart from the performance, our students also played interactive games such as translation of dialects and tongue twister with them and they all enjoyed it a lot. After that, they taught us their traditional group dance. Participants got plenty of fun and we could experience how warm-hearted and hospitable the Tibetans were. Finally, the teacher from Qing Hai sent us Hada (Tibetan ceremonial scarf) and Caca (Tibetan mud sculpture). Hada represents their purity, honesty, sincerity and respect to others, while Caca is one of their holy religious mud plates. To thank for their blessing, we also gave them some special gifts representing Hong Kong in return.

We talked and laughed, and just like friends without any variances in regions and cultures.