25 January 2017
Maker’s Day

“Makers’ Day” held on 15 January 2017 was co-organised by our school (Primary Division) and the Design School of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Over 600 participants from 250 families enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and tasted the “Maker Culture” through 6 attractive workshops, including Nerdy Derby, Soldering Workshop, Strawbees Workshop, Makedo Workshop, Mini4wd Institute and Knit Without Boundary. Participants became different types of engineers to create their own piece of works. In the atrium, it was the first time that many car engineers testing their handmade racing cars on a 15-meter long track together. There were also a full team of electronic engineers making hi-tech mobile devices, groups of architects building remarkable Ferris wheels and huge cardboard sculptures.

We are longing to organise more events like this in order to promote the core values of “Maker Culture” to the general public and demonstrate creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness.