25 May 2016
Robofest World Championship 2016 in US
Robofest is a festival of competitions and events with autonomous robots that encourages students to have fun while learning principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and math (STEM) and Computer Science. Since 2000, over 20,000 students have competed in Robofest, including teams from 13 US States, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, England, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa.

It is a great honour for 3 G5 students to represent A-School as well as Hong Kong to join the Robofest World Championship - 2016 Bottle Sumo which was held in US in May 2016. They put a lot of efforts in investigating their robot. It was so happy that they won the US team in the first match. Although they finally lost in the competition, various skills were enhanced and it broadened their horizons.

Thanks again for the dedications from the participating students and the leading teacher. Here is the sharing from students:

5B WONG Kai Chung
I was glad to join this competition. Although we didn’t win any prize, most importantly, we found out ways to improve our robots and programmes and we could learn from others. This was a great experience, and we will improve ourselves and try again next year.

5D POON Pok Man Julien
We won the Best Robot Design Award in the Hong Kong Robotic Bottle Sumo Competition, so we got a chance to go to the Robofest World Championship. We went to Detroit, and stayed two days in Lawrence Technological University. We learnt how to make the robotic car better. This is really a good opportunity!

5B TSUI Lap Chi Keith
After this competition, I learnt how to let the EV3 become more stable and how to make the robotic car to be more powerful while moving. I also saw a robotic machine that can make egg puff, and it was very amazing that it could work by just using a programme.