World Education Alliance

The World Education Alliance (WEA) is an organisation which aims to promote the exchange of ideas in the field of education and culture. It aims to share the excellence of cultural diversity and the benefits of educational resources by undertaking cooperation among schools in different countries and regions.

The WEA organises congress every year for its members on different foci, such as the needs of the 21th century education, students’ development as well as school management. For instance the 4th WEA Congress was held in Stormarnschule Ahrensburg, Germany in 2008. The emphasis of this congress is on student-orientated teaching and independent, self-determined learning. It was the most successful one.

School heads from different parts of the world, through exchange and interaction, learn from each other about different education systems.

WEA Member Schools
Stormarnschule Ahrensburg, Germany
St. John’s High School, Karnatake, India
Bishop Cotton Girls’ High School, Karnataka, India
Nanjing Privately-run Yuying Foreign Language School, Nanjing, China
Yu Cai School, Beijing, China
Fraser Coast Anglican College, Australia
The Affiliated High School of Beijing University, Henan, China
Odsherreds Efterskole, Denmark
Cokethorpe School, United Kingdom
Hang Zhou Tian Hang Shi Yan School, Hangzhou, China
Guangdong Guangya High School, Guangzhou, China
Peoples Christian Academy, Canada
Mt. Everett Regional School, United States
DTJA, South Korea