Parents Education

Parents’ education is one of the significant collaborations area between A-School and PTA. Every year, 6-8 talks and workshops are held for parents. Different kinds of talks have been held to meet different needs of parents.

Topics Year / Month

Happy family with positive child 2016 / November
How to enhance children’s learning motivation 2016 / December
Amazing Parent-child reading time 2017 / February
Prevention of Internet Addiction 2017 / March
Sex Education in 21th Century 2017 / March
The Importance of Home-school Relationship for the Growth of Children 2015 / October
Friends vs Parents 2015 / November
Age of Puberty – Children’s Emotional Needs and Changes 2015 / December
How to Build up Close Relationship with My Child 2016 / January
Life Planning for Children – Further Studies 2016 / March
Be a Futuristic Parent 2016 / April
How to Motivate My Child 2016 / May
Adaptation for Being a Secondary School Student 2016 / June