Home-School Activities

Breakfast with Principal

As one of the informal home-school activities, participating parents can enjoy a simple breakfast in the school canteen with our School Principal, and know more about the school and share parenting strategies.

Coffee-Tea Social

This gathering provides a platform for parents and teachers to meet each other in an informal and relaxing manner to build relationship with mutual understanding and trust. In the gathering, teachers may offer advice, but the focus is to actively solicit and listen to the insights of our parents so that we can do better in educating our children.

“Appreciation to Teachers” Activity

Since the school year 2014-2015, A-School is pleased to hold the “Appreciation to Teachers” activity with the help of PTA. By the means of song dedication and writing thank-you cards, students present their wholehearted thanks to teachers. PTA would present hand-made gifts to our teachers to show their support!

Parent-child Interest Classes

It is an interesting way to enhance the interaction between parents and children. Many families enjoy having fun and learning together through the interest classes in a variety of topics such as hand-made lipstick, cooking, photo-taking and wooden furniture making.


WeCare Day for Grade 12 students
A-School Career Expo 2017
PTA New Territories Walk for Millions