Learn outside Classroom

A-School aims at preparing our students to succeed and meet the ever-changing challenges of the 21st century. We believe that there is great educational value in taking students “out of the traditional classroom” to explore the world at first hand, and that such experiences help “bring education to life”. The experiences can stimulate and reinforce a positive attitude towards education and are recognized as achievements by teachers and peers alike.

We are the first school in the territory to introduce Excursion Week for students and it has now become an annual signature event. The purpose of educational excursions is varied, ranging from exploration of culture, economy, technology and history, community service, music training, language consolidation, touch of nature to physical training. With the aim of establishing “Local Identity, Global Perspective”, more than 1,500 students, in the company with teachers and local professionals, have participated in various trips and exchange programmes in four continents since 2008. We are planning our trips to more areas so as to further enrich our programmes and broaden students’ horizons. Let’s start touring around the world!

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Secondary Primary

2016-2017 Secondary School Excursion Information
2016-2017 Primary School Excursion Information