Homecoming Dinner

Every year, new faces appear on the school campus, while some familiar ones step out from this shelter to pursue their dreams. In these years, A-School has nurtured several batches of graduates and a Homecoming Dinner was held on July 9, 2016 so that they could reunite during the 10th Anniversary.

In the dinner, apart from the fabulous banquet, there were wonderful performances and sharing by alumni and teachers. It gave all the guests a pleasurable and exciting Saturday evening. Also, the inauguration ceremony of the committee composed of different batches of alumni of the 1st HKBUAS Alumni Association was held in the event. The Association aims to maintain and promote networking and friendship amongst its members, to strengthen the ties between alumni and the school, as well as to foster a spirit of loyalty towards A-School.

Homecoming Dinner was just the first event of the Association, and please support the committee by participating in their future events. We look forward to gather more A-School alumni in the next decade!