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  23 Aug 2017
    As the Education Bureau has announced the suspension of classes, the scheduled lessons of the Bridging Programme today (i.e. Integrated Science and Integrated Humanities) will be postponed to 28 August, 2017 (Monday) 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lessons will be held in 7A and 7B.
  24 JuL 2017
    Visit by Thai Officials from the Inspector Training Programme 2017
  11 Jul 2017
    Language Award Scheme – Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland
  11 Jul 2017
    “A-Step Forward” – 2017 Project-based Learning Showcase
  7 Jul 2017
    2017-18 Grade One New Students Latest News
  4 Jul 2017
    Baseball and Softball Friendly Match with Beijing Yucai School
  27 Jun 2017
    Hong Kong Modified Primary Battle of the Books
  20 Jun 2017
    High Table Dinner for 2016-2017 Graduates (Secondary School)
  20 Jun 2017
    2016-2017 6th Graduation Ceremony cum G6 Promotion Ceremony
  13 Jun 2017
    Special Arrangements Due to Red Rainstorm Warning Signal
As the Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is now in force, the TOEFL test and the assessment session scheduled for THIS afternoon will be postponed. Please refer to the announcement on eClass for further details.