Other Learning Experiences

Other Learning Experience is an important path to develop students’ whole person development, and there are four areas which broaden students' learning horizons and develop their talents and interests.

Activities will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school and Saturday morning.

Physical Growth
Athletics Team, Badminton Team (Boys), Badminton Team (Girls), Badminton Class, Basketball Team (Boys), Basketball Team (Girls), Cross-country Team, Fencing Team, Softball Team (Boys), Softball Team (Girls), Soccer Team, Table-tennis Team, Tennis Team Trampolining Team, Volleyball Team (Boys), Volleyball Team (Girls)

Aesthetic Development
Chinese Dance Team, Chinese Drum Team, Choir, Drama Club, Jazz Dance Team, English Musical Programme, Handbell Team, School Orchestra, String Ensemble, Visual Arts Club

Community Service and Personal Interest
Boys Brigade, Campus TV, Christian Fellowship, Community Service Team, French Class, Hong Kong Adventure Corps, Japanese Culture Club, Scouts, St. John Ambulance Brigade

Academic Extended Learning
Chinese Club, Chinese Debate Team, Chinese History Club, English Club, History Club, Humanities Club, Liberal Arts Club, Mathematics Team, Robotics & Smart Technology Club, Science Club

"Other Learning Experience (OLE)" Time
OLE time (1-2 lessons) will be arranged every week to extend students' learning from books to the reality, so as to consolidate their knowledge.

OLE Time Framework:

1. Local excursions such as visiting museums and exhibitions
2. Moral and civic education activities such as MCD lessons, seminars on environmental protection and sex education.
3. Celebrity talks
4. Aesthetic Development Courses
5. Academic-related activities and seminars

A-School Excursion Week

We nurture to “whole person development” for A-School students. We aim to create purposeful and educational excursions and empower them to be spiritually mature, wise and informed, artistic, physically strong, creative and civic-minded, whilst broadening their horizons and global vision with an emphasis on developing their world knowledge. Categories include:

A. Personal Challenge/Discovery
B. Service/Citizenry
C. Cultural/Nationalism
D. Academic Development/Excellence

We have organised the following excursions in recent years:
Nanjing, China Discovering Chinese Culture and Legacy
Seoul, Korea Understanding the Rise of the 21st Century City
Oxbridge, UK In-depth Learning in English and Science
Osaka, Japan Investigating Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection and Culture in Japan
Taiwan Personal Challenge and Development
Chiang Rai, Thailand Community Service, Home Visit and Christian Activities for the Orphans in Thailand
Netherlands Arts and Architecture Exposure