Student Development

Our school’s mission of student development is to cater to the whole person development, providing a safe learning environment for the students, empowering them to be spiritually mature, wise and informed, artistic, physically strong, creative and civic-minded. We mentor your child, fostering his/her personal growth to encourage initiative, positive attitudes, individuality and creativity, providing a basis for lifelong learning. Whilst broadening their horizons with an emphasis on developing their world knowledge, students will become global citizens with national pride at heart.

Guidance, Moral & Civic Education Programmes:
  • A+ Passport Scheme
  • A+ Homeroom Scheme
  • Star Class Scheme
  • Monthly Theme Activities
  • Big Brother Big Sister Buddy Programme
  • Student Support Groups
  • Life Education Lessons
  • Sex Education Programme
  • Health Education Programme
  • Religious Education
  • LEAP Programme

Leadership Programmes:

House System:

  • 5 Houses
    • Kindness
    • Justice
    • Courtesy
    • Wisdom
    • Faith
  • Student Leaders & Service Groups:
    • Prefects
    • Reading Ambassadors
    • Sports Ambassadors
    • Student Council
    • IT Ambassadors
    • Green Ambassadors

  • Leadership Training:
    • OLE – Leadership Training
    • Outward Bound
    • Prefect Adventure Camp
Social Service Programmes:
  • Social Service Group
  • G4-6 Community Service
  • Orbis See Food Lunch
  • Heifer Read to Feed Programme
  • Red Cross Red Twinkle Star Scheme
  • “Bookoween” Dress Special Day
  • Red Pocket Collection
  • Food Bank
  • Love Gift Basket for The Elderly

Bridging Programmes:

  • Grade 1 Orientation Camp
  • Grade 6 Bridging Programme:
    • Parent Seminars and Sharing Sessions
    • Outward Bound Adventure Camp
    • Mock School Day
    • Secondary School Life Experience

Home School Aairs:

  • Lunch Helper
  • Story Telling Mom & Dad
  • Assembly Sharing
  • Library Helper
LEAP Programme
Life Education Drama《班長大王》
Life Education Drama《漫話西遊》
Life Education Talk「生命熱線」
Life Education Talk “正確使用互聯網”
Life Education Talk “消防安全教育巴士”
Life Education Talk “Animal Asia - Moon Bear”
House - Athletic Meet (G1-2)
House - Athletic Meet (G3-6)
House - Aquatic Meet
G5-6 Green Ambassador
Prefect Team
Student Council Promotion
Prefect Training
Social Service Experience: Sign Language Learning
Growing radish
Visit to Shing Kee Noodles
Inclusive Arts Workshop
Animal Asia - Dr. Dog
Lovely Gift Basket
G1 Orientation Camp
Grade 6 Outward Bound Training